We Have Been Busy Bees!

During the recent years, Global Warming has been a very hot topic across the world. Many businesses have been implementing changes in the way they work to reduce their environmental impact.

All Lions Clubs are encouraged to undertake hands-on environmental service projects such as community clean-ups, recycling, and tree planting throughout the year.

This year at Bournemouth & Christchurch Lions club we have also done our part:

Our Club is donating a set of three books to each of the 41 Primary Schools in the Bournemouth/Christchurch area. These set of books are written to help children understand the importance of protecting our planet and suggesting ways that they can help. Teaching resources are also included.

Schools who have already received the books have expressed their thanks and approval – and are anxious to start using the books in their lessons.
For full details visit: www.wildtribeheroes.com

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