Fundraising is fundamental to assist the community services projects. We do this by a variety of events throughout the year. 

Here are examples of activities we have undertaken.

  • Giant Easter egg raffles
  • Street collections
  • Sales – Table Top, Carboot, Jumble Sales
  • Performing Arts – Pantomimes/Theatre Production/Dances
  • Fetes and Fayres

All money raised is donated to charity.

  • Bournemouth Lions Club will choose various other charitable causes to which we will donate a percentage of monies raised.
  • Funds will be used in support of local needs as identified.
  • Other funds raised will be donated to National and International disasters/medical initiatives as they arise .

Fundraising is fun which is one of reasons we do it; the realisation we are doing something to help those less fortunate than ourselves.

Please have a look at our Events page for details of future events.

If you would like to assist in our fundraising activities please contact us or phone 0845-8332823.